Ever wondered how certain businesses show up on Google Maps, and maybe you are a hairdresser that is best in Claremont or you rent out equipment for events and you’ve always wanted to reach out to people that are in the area that you operate from. There are many small businesses out there already utilizing the power of Google Maps to drive more traffic to their stores.

Google my business local pack

So today you are in luck as I will be showing you how to create a google maps listing in 6 simple steps.

Now the first thing that you need is to have a Google account if you do not have one then I suggest you go and sign up for one, now that you have created the Google account you’d want to click on this link which will take you to the sign up page,

Step 1:Prompted to sign into your Google account again and if so just log in with the Google account that you want to use and click next and once you’ve done that you will be presented with this page that will be asking you to enter the name of your business.

Google my business local pack

When it comes to entering your name you need to make sure that it is exactly the same, for example let’s say you are a construction company and the name of your business is JJ’s renovations, you should name your business as JJ’s renovations, other businesses make the mistake of adding keywords next to the business names which ends up causing more harm than good because search engines also go out and look for name address phone number (NAP) online, if there are any inconsistencies then your site will be deemed as less trustworthy. If you have a trading name aor your registered business name that is the name that you want to use.

Step 2:

Google my business local pack

Once you’ve entered your business name then you click next you will be now presented with a form which will require you to enter your address, now this is very important that you enter an address that you will be able to receive mail because google tends to send out a postcard with a 5 digit pin, and this is a pin that you will be required to input in order to verify your Google Maps listing. Now certain restrictions in what kind of addresses you can list on Google Maps cannot list the address of a virtual offices as it is against one of Google’s policies. To read more about the restrictions that Google has in the type of addresses that you can use click on this link. There are certain businesses that wants show up in Google Maps without a store front or maybe because you work from home, Google allows you to mask your address, if you request to or address hidden then Google will show it at the city or the town that you verified your listing from.

Step 3:

Google my business local pack

Once you’ve entered your address you will have the option to choose I deliver goods and services to my customers and the hide my address it’s not a store option also show so depending on your needs that is you have to choose one of those and then click next, once you’ve clicked through to the next page you will have the option to choose service area, no service area you can eat that use a radius around your business location now this radius can either be in kilometers or in miles you also have the option to choose specific areas now you can add this areas at the by putting cities or postal codes or whatever geographical naming conventions that you might have.

Step 5:

Google my business local pack

Want to selected you you will now next to the option whereby you have to enter the business category, there are many options as Google try to cater for a lot of small businesses.

Once you’ve selected the category that your business falls under then you click next you’ll be provided with the form that would require you to enter the contact details that customers are going to be shown and if your ready have an existing website you will have the option to enter your current website you also have the option that says I do not need a website and Google provides you with a free website so you also have the option to get Google to generate a free website for you based on the information that you will input.

Step 6:

Depending on the option that you selected you be taken to different pages however this is the final page that you will see where by Google will show the business name that you selected in the address without be sending the postcard to you and there’s an option to enter a name for the recipient once you click the blue male button then you should expect to get write to you now depending on your geographical location it takes different time frame for this post cards to be delivered in different countries.

Step 7:

Google my business setup verify

So you just created your Google Maps listing and now it’s time you start thinking about optimizing at so that it starts appearing higher in search results and showing up or on the Google’s local pack.