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88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

What are Keywords In Digital Marketing?

Whenever a user calls online and using a search engine, the phrases users type when they’re looking for information or products or services is what is considered as keywords. As a business owner, you want your website to appear in the search results when users are looking for the services/products that you offer.

In short I can say that a keyword is a search phrase you want your website to show up on the search engine results page when a user is searching.

Let us say that you are a plumber offering a 24 hour emergency repair service. You know and understand that there are other plumbers servicing the area that you are also targeting. As someone who offers plumbing services to both commercial and residential clients you create a services page which lists all the services that you offer as a plumber.

If we look at the way a residential user who has an emergency at 1AM will search, we find that the keyword/s they use will include search terms like 

  • “plumber near me open 24 hours” 
  • “emergency plumber near me” 
  • “24 hour plumbers near me”
  • “Plumber open now near me”

However a residential user searching for a plumber to upgrade the pipes in their property has more time to decide on a provider, so they have more time to do research, so you find that the keyword/s they use will include search phrases like:

  • “How to hire a plumber for renovations”
  • “Plumber for bathroom renovations”
  • “Plumber for renovation work”
  • “Affordable plumber renovators”
  • “Plumbing renovation cost”

As you can clearly see, users have different ways of searching depending on what their intent is and as a business owner you would want your website to show up in search results.

User Intent is used as a Ranking Factor. Google thrives on delivering content to meet the users search intent which is derived from the search phrases by users. AbraSim Digital is an SEO Agency which believes that you cannot rank on the first page of Google if you do not meet the intent of the user. Our Keyword Analysis service breaks down the users journey through the different keywords they input. Understanding their intent and thus guiding the way your sales content is created and your Thought Leadership content.

Is the right page showing up in search results?

Let’s think about the user who has an emergency, relevant information for them will be a page outlining the hours of operation, contact details and service areas. The user who is looking for renovation services would like to see the work you have completed before and also a price range. Sending both of these users to a single page will result in either meeting the intent for one of the users or none. This is because these users have different needs and the information they should be shown should also be different. 

What To Ask Yourself

  • What are the search terms I want my business to be found for?
  • What are the keywords users are typing in search engines to find these different services/products
  • What is regarded as relevant information to meet the users search intent

Keyword research is the process of understanding what your target users type on Google Search Engine when they are searching for products or services that you provide. Understanding the journey they take from the research phase up until they decide to buy is very crucial as more and more people are deciding where they will be spending their money before they leave the house.

It does not matter if you are large retail store or a small business in the middle of Hoekoesfontein, you need to have online presence and being able to meet your target audience needs all begins with with Keyword Research.

Meet User Intent With Keyword Research Services


Being able to address the different needs which users have means understanding what your target market is typing on Google search. This also allows you to create optimized content to meet the different needs that your users have. Understanding the difference between the needs will help you map out optimized content for your target market.

Further Analysis Of Meeting User Intent With Keyword Research

A person who goes on Google search and searches for a “plumber” is different from the person who goes on Google Search and types in “plumbers near me”. There are many reasons as to why a person would go online and search this for “plumber”, it could be the person is thinking about taking that as a profession, or the person is looking for jobs as a plumber, it could also be someone who is in the process of redesigning their house and now they want to get quotes as to how much the plumbing will cost them.

However when a person searches for a plumber near me, it means that the person is in need of a plumber to come and provide a service as a matter of urgency. Being able to cater for your target market is something that you can do on the if you’ve done properly the keyword research.

Why Keyword Research Matters

Since Google stopped giving preference to the meta keywords, in order to rank for the keywords which are related to your service or product, one has to add these keywords in. the content that is on the actual website. To avoid things such as keyword stuffing one has to look at different synonyms for the keyword they want to rank for, all of this can only be achieved if you’ve done your. keyword research properly.

Get Return On Investment

AbraSim Digital provides a keyword research service which allows you to create highly optimized content to meet your users needs throughout their online journey. Being able to meet your users needs and intent as they search on Google. If you are able to make sure that you meet your users intent when they search it the your website will show on Google’s first page. With a lot of what sites that are being created on a daily basis your online competition keeps on growing, our keyword research service allows you to outrank your competitors online and easily rank on Google first page.

Keyword Research Process

We go through thousands and at times hundreds of thousands of keywords understanding specific target audience. Client were made use of our keyword research service have seen a great improvement in how the website ranks on Google Search engine and also how users convert after they have interacted with the website. Results can vary as to when your start seeing an improvement on your website performance, however each and every business which is made use of our keyword research service great return on investment in terms of the digital marketing. Our keyword analysis service is a must-have service for any business that wants to outrank it’s competition, businesses which have a user first approach, businesses that want to rank on Google’s first page, businesses that are customer centric blessed but just a few. The keyword analysis service can be used by client’s who want to rank on Google’s first place and also for businesses that are making use of pay per click services.

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What Are The Types Of Keywords In Digital Marketing?

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are search terms which tend to have 3 or less words. Examples of short tail keywords are: “SEO Services” “SEO” “Rank On Google”. Though short tail keywords have high number in search volume, these searches are not specific. 

Short tail keywords have a lot of searches and traffic, as such a lot of companies want to rank for short tail keywords which make them highly competitive to rank in organic searches and also  expensive to bid on Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords).

The conversion rate on short tail keywords is the lowest among all keyword types. To elaborate this further if someone searches for “SEO”, the person maybe looking for tutorials, tools, how to guides, freelancers, agencies the possibilities are limitless. Now lets say your website ranks on Google for this keyword and you are a freelancer, if the user is looking for seo tools they are going to leave your website and either go to other sites or refine their search phrase to something more specific like “SEO Technical Analysis Tools”. 


  • High Search Volume


  • Highly Competitive
  • Very Low Conversion Rate
  • Low Intent To Buy

Long Tail Keywords

Examples of long tail keywords are “kitchen builders near me” “carpenter courses in Durban” “insurance quotes for 2018 vw polo”. These keywords show the users intent and as search Search Engines are able to deliver websites with content which is relevant to the search query.

Long tail keywords tend to have low search volumes however they have a high rate of conversion

Medium Tail Keyword

Examples of Medium Tail Keywords are “best builders Pretoria” “carpenters near me” “best insurance company”. Medium, tail keyword tend to be the perfect middle ground solution between the low volume long tail keywords and high volume short tail keywords. Medium tail keywords are less competitive but highly effective used correctly as they can be used to meet the buyers intent.

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