Top 3 Reasons Why You Need To List Your Business On Google Maps

You do not need to have a website in order to have a Google my business profile, this allows small and big businesses to compete on the same level. It is up to you as the business owner sure that you are currently not driving traffic towards your competitors.By not having a Google My Business listing then you are losing clients to your competitors who have this listing already.

As more and more people are including the phrases “near me” and “local” in the keywords when searching for a product or service.

1: Create Posts

The Google My Business platform allows you to create posts add images or videos, reply to reviews and many more things.

You can create 4 different types of posts
What’s New: Allows you to create a post which you can make to stand out by adding a photo or a video.You can have as much as 1500 characters in your post, you also have an optional feature which allows you to create a button which can drive users towards a specific action such as the option to book or to order online or to learn more or to sign up or even to let customers to call you. You can use this type of post to create awareness towards a new product or service.

Event: You can add a picture or a video and you have you can enter up to 1500 characters, You have the option to enter the event title, for example “Summer Sale” “Up To 50% Off”, you can also add a timeframe as to when the event is going to start and end date, you also have the option to create a button which can lead users towards a specific action such as the option to book or to order online or to learn more or to sign up or even to let customers to call you.

Offer: Similar to the event post, with Offer you have the option to add a coupon and you can also add the link for people to redeem the coupon code, great if you are trying to drive more traffic towards your website, you can also add any terms and conditions that apply to that offer,

Product: Allows you to add an image or a video, you have an option where you can add the product name and product price or you can also add a price range which allows you to add a minimum and maximum. Under product details you can enter as much is 1500 characters similar to all the other posts you also have the option to add a button.

2: Create Ads

The Google my business profile allows you to create paid ads using AdWords Express, this allows small businesses without any knowledge as to how to run a pay per click campaign or a business that doesn’t have enough funds to appoint an agency to run their PPC. With AdWords Express a campaign can be up and running in under 10 minutes. Google automates the process is for you,skipping things like having to do keyword research and because you are a Local business Google already knows which location you will be targeting, this saves you time and allows you to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of running the business. If as a business you never invested money in marketing then I would say this would be a best place to actually start off

3: Free Website

Yes you get a free website, website comes with 10 different themes you can choose from, now most of the things are Auto populated for your best on your profile, you can customize the free website to your liking however it is a free website so you do you should understand that there will be limitations as customization it is that you can do However if you are a business that doesn’t have a website as yet or has been toying around with the idea of getting a website but this could be a good place for you to start or from, however if you are an established business that already has a website then I wouldn’t suggest making use of the free website as it tends to have to cause duplicate content issues, having to duplicate content online could lead to a ban on your website

If all of this is not reason enough to sign up for a Google account then I do not know what you’re still waiting for however for those that actually want to sign up for a free Google my business account click on this link it will take you to the Google platform where you can be able to sign up and start making a use of the service.

We have created a tutorial on how to setup A Google Maps Listing.

If on the other hand you’re a business that wants to concentrate on doing what they know best and you’d like us to handle your Google my business profile then get in touch with AbraSim Digital Agency by filling out the form below, we can customize a solution that can help you cater for your needs and the target market that you would like to attract

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