Reasons why you should use search console

Business owner: As a business owner who has a website you will need to familiarize yourself with the basics of search console. Even if you are hire a webmaster or an online marketing specialist, you need to be aware of the search queries triggering a website to show up in search results and also to come up with marketing strategies that are in line with your overall business goals. Understanding how your website is performing in search results can also help you make important decisions about the business and the website as a whole.

SEO Specialist or Online Marketer: As someone who solely focuses on the online marketing aspects of a business search console will help you monitor the website traffic and it will also guide us to how your website is ranking and what it is that you need to optimize. Search console allows you to make informed decisions about improving the content that is on your website. The information that you get in search console who also help you in understanding the technical issues the site has and it will also guide you as to how you can fix the issues.

Site Administrator: As the site administrator of a website of your responsibilities is maintaining a healthy website. Google search console allows you to monitor and resolve issues site says site loading time security issues like hacking in our or spam.

Web Developer: You can test the Schema markup code for your site, you can also troubleshoot to make sure that there aren’t any errors in the structured data that you will have created.

App Developer: If you own an application and you want to see how mobile users are finding your app Google search console will help you with that, google search console will also help you integrate your application is there with your website.

  • Monitor to see if Google can access all your content on your website
  • Notify Google when you’ve made changes to certain pages on your website and to also request Google to come and index the new page.
  • Remove old and outdated pages from showing up in search results
  • Monitor spam or malware so that your site is always healthy.
  • Discover the queries which trigger your website to show up in search results.
  • The search queries which resulted in Clicks to your website.
  • Websites which are linking to your site.
  • How your website performs on mobile devices.

To see if your website has already been included in google’s index, there is a simple test at that you can do. “”

Getting Your Website To Show Up on Google Search

Having your website to show up on Google search results is something that is fully automated, you do not need to have a Google search console property to have your site included in the search results, however as I’ve mentioned it is a good standard practice to have a search console account so that you can be able to monitor and maintain your websites health.

Does my website show up on Google:

To see if your website has already been included in google’s index, there is a simple test at that you can do. “” changing your domain name to your actual domain name including site: Will show you all the pages that have been indexed by Google. This allows you to see the number of pages on your website which google has indexed.

You might have a website that has 10 or 20 or 100 or 1000 pages, running the test will show you the exact number of pages that have been indexed. For sure you if you have old and outdated page is still showing up in search results

How to get your website to start showing up on Google Search

There are certain guidelines that needs to be followed in building a website that is friendly for search engine spiders to come and index. Following the guidelines does not guarantee that your website will show up on the first page of Google Search, however it makes the process easier for Search Engines to discover your site and to start showing it in search results.Google Search Console will provide you with all the tools that you need to submit your website to go and to also monitor how your site is performing on google search. Google also notifies you when they  encounter problems/issues with your website or mobile application. This allows you to take a proactive role in fixing those issues so that you can make it easier for search engines to index your content.

Sign up for a Google search console account. Google provides you with a basic checklist for appearing in google search results from this link.

If you do not have access to the back end of your website then you’ll probably need to contact your webmaster or the web designer to add the verification script to your website this is a process that will take less than 5 minutes to add and have the property verified.

Follow the steps below to add your website to search console.

Enter your website including the protocol if it is http or https & www or no www, without having added the protocol you will not be able to add the website property. There are multiple ways of verifying your console property for your website

Upload HTML file to your website:

Google provides you with a unique html file that you will need to upload to your website, this file is unique to you as a user and should not be removed after verification. Do not make any changes to the HTML including renaming the file you download and you need to make sure that you upload the file in the specified location by Google. Removing the html verification file after the verification process will have your property unverified.

Common errors users tend to face when trying to verify ownership of their website using the HTML verification method above.

Your Verification File Was Not Found:

When you get this error message then it means that Google was not able to find the verification file, you need to go back to the downloaded verification file that you got from the search console property and upload the file to the specified location without you having made any modifications to the file.
(If you do not know how to do this then either try other verification methods or get the company that created your website to do it for you)

Your verification file has the wrong content:

Search console text to see if the verification file that you uploaded has the same a file them and content as the file you were provided on the verification page, and in the event that either the filename or the content or even both of those do not match the html file that you were provided with then search console will not be able to verify ownership of the website. You will need to download the verification file again and uploaded to the specified location without having made any changes.

Your verification file is empty:

If you get this error message then what you need to do to fix this problem is downloading the html file again and then uploading it to the specified location without having made any changes. This includes the content and the verification file and the file name itself.

Your verification file Returns and http status code of xxx instead of 200(OK) :

Is an error that you tend to get if your website is not live, or if you have added the verification code a different instance than the one currently pointing to your domain. If your server returns any status code other than 200 for your HTML verification and then search console will not be able to verify the ownership of the property.

Onload request was Redirected too many times:

You will get this error message in most cases if your website has and it’s sending traffic to a different website. This is the case then I would suggest you make use of meta tag verification method or you can make use of the Google analytics tracking code verification method or you can verify ownership by using the Google tag manager container snippet.

Using Meta Tag To Verify Ownership of Website in Google search Console

You can verify the ownership of your website by adding a meta tag to the head section of a your website. This can be accomplished by copying the full tag and pasting it in the head. If you do not know what the head section is, then I suggest you get in touch with the designer who built your website

Common problems with this method of verification are listed below:

We Couldn’t Find The Verification Meta Tag On Your Homepage:

The verification tag must be added on the homepage in the head section of your website.
Is the meta verification tag in the correct place?, Google searches for the meta tag in the head section of the homepage
(If you do not know what the head section is then I would advise that you get person who designed your website to add the meta tag for you.)

Your Meta Tag Is Incorrect:

Do not make any changes to the meta tag that you receive from Google, copy the code as it is provided for on the verification page of search console. Any modifications will result in an error and website ownership will not be verified

Google Analytics Tracking Code

This is one of the easiest ways to have your site verified in Google search console.

If your ready have a Google analytics tracking code added onto your website then you can verify ownership of the website in search console. In order do this successfully you must have edit permissions for The Web property in Google Analytics or you can verify the account using the same Google account that you used for google Analytics.

Google tag manager container snippet

If you have a Google tag manager account and you have already added the tag on to your website and it has been verified then you can use Google tag manager as a verification for ownership of your website.
You must have a view at it and manager on a container level permission in Google tag manager in order for you to verify the account.
Added both scripts the one that goes in the head and the one that goes into the body tag without having time so verification will fail.
Use the code exactly as provided by Google do not make any modifications because if you do that verification will fail.

Search Engine

If your website is already showing up on Google Search and you would like to find out which queries are triggering your websites in Google search ad and sign up for a Google search console account

Now that you’ve signed up for a Google search console account verified ownership of your website.

Google search console will notify you via email if problems are picked up on your website. This could include your website having been hacked, issues with the mobile friendliness of your website are things like Google having had problems when crawling or index in your website. This allows you to spend your time dealing with other aspects as you won’t need to use the platform on a day-to-day basis. However on a monthly basis things that you want to be looking at if you are experiencing an increase in traffic to your website, the search queries triggering your website to show up in search results, the pages that are showing up in search results, dip in the number of Clicks that you’ve been getting, any new links that you might have acquired the the pointing to your website.

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