How You Can Market Your Business Online

You have decided to up-skill yourself by learning more about how you can improve your online marketing effort. You have come to the right place as we have created this tutorial for you. We will talk about the common digital marketing strategies that you can implement to help achieve business goals

Define Your Online Marketing Goals

Advantages of having an online business strategy is that it will help guide your ideas into an actionable marketing plan. This allows you to define the objectives you want to work towards

Example “You have decided that you use at least 60% renewable clean energy. Going out to buy a Hummer will not help you achieve your goal of using less fossil fuels”

Thing like using solar energy to power your household, buying an electric car are things that would help you get closer to your goal. The same applies to your online marketing plan, clearly defining your objectives will help in guiding you so that all your digital marketing efforts are in line with the business goals.

Missing this step can cause headaches in the future, so the first step is to define your goals clearly. Asking yourself what you want to achieve is a great way to define your goals, maybe you want to increase traffic to the website, or maybe you want to to increase sales by a certain margin or maybe you want to break into a new market.
Clearly defining your goals will guide your digital marketing efforts to make sure that they are in line with your overall business goals.

Once you have defined your goals you will now need to articulate what your businesses stands for (Mission Statement). This should be in line with your voice as a business eg: “Building A Better Tomorrow Through Education” or “Disruptive Solutions For Disruptive Businesses”

Once you have defined your Mission Statement as a business the next step is to identify what separates you from the your competition both online and offline. Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is what makes you unique.
If you are a customer centric company then that is your USP or If you offer products/services at a lesser price then that is your USP

How To Define Your Online Marketing Goals

Defining your goals will help guide you in making the right decisions with your online marketing campaigns. Below we have listed a few goals and the strategies that can be used.

Increase Sales: If your goal as a business is to improve sales, getting more traffic to your website can help achieve goal. There are many digital marketing strategies that you can make use to achieve this goal, from content marketing to paid advertising.

Increase Brand Awareness: If your goal is to increase brand awareness to existing and new customers then Social Media can help you achieve this goal. About 1.5 Billion people make use of Facebook daily, with Twitter having over 500 million tweets sent daily and Instagram having 25 Million Business Accounts and 500 million daily active users you cannot afford not to engage with existing and potential clients on this platform to improve brand awareness. Social Media allows you to express your personality, your values and most importantly it allows you to engage with your audience.

Grow Your Marketing List: Users need a lot of encouragement to sign up for your newsletter, setting up expectations as to what users can expect after they have signed up, it could be you will be sending them training material, or you could be sending a catalog, whatever the case maybe you need to prepare your audience so they also know how frequent they will be getting newsletters from you.

Typical Buying Process For Online Customer

The process an online customer goes through during their online buying phase is different as users tend to go through 4 stages are described in the “See, Think, Do, Care” framework. This framework offers very useful insights as to how you as a business can invest in making sure that you are visible to the user throughout the 4 stages.

Based on the needs of the previous offline customer, Lets see how the online customer would go through the 4 stages.


This is the awareness stage, this is when the customer realizes that they need suit. This could be after they received an invite to an event which requires the people who will be attending to wear suits.


During this stage of the buying phase, the user now has to consider if he is going to buy a new suit or rent one for the event. Once the user decides if they are buying or renting and in most cases the decision to buy or rent will be made with the help of a search engine. During this stage of the buying phase, the user will look at different cuts and designs. This is the research phase


This is the stage when the user makes a purchase. In the case of our user who has an event to attend, based on the earlier decision to either buy or to rent, payment will be made. This is the stage when a user decides to spend money on a product/service.


This is the stage when the user goes on Social Media to post about the product/service they received, it can also be in the form of customer reviews. Not every user goes through the CARE stage. Some if not most users stop during the DO stage.

Keep in mind that as a business it is crucial to be visible throughout the journey a user takes from the research phase to the buying phase. This can be accomplished by understanding the questions your target audience are asking online. Being able to answer the questions being asked means that you will be able to guide users in making their final decision. If the answers you are providing are very helpful, then you will build trust with your target market and once you have built trust with them, it it easier to spend money on a brand that you trust.