The Challenge

Pristine Engineering is a young engineering company only started in 2020. When they approached me they knew already that in order to make it as a business, they need to have a positive online presence for the services they provide. As they didn’t have any online presence, it is not easy to get a new domain to rank as well as websites which have been around for years with a higher domain authority and known brands.


Analysed the needs and preferences of target market and used this data to enhance Pristine Engineering Solutions offerings. Defined precise, actionable goals which fed into the overall goal of growth. This was followed by testing, analyzing and refining.


As ranking was the basis of the campaign, we applied a user first based solution. Getting the website to tank on the first page of Google has been achieved by a content strategy. Creation of high quality content which has been optimized for the target audience.



Over 1000% increase in the number of users visiting website.


New Leads

Pristine Engineering Solutions has seen an increase of 45X new leads.



The business has grown by 15% since signing up for SEO.

“Sidney has been great and on point. He has a unique mind and I must say one of the most brilliant people I’ve had the honor to meet. My business has grown because of his advice marketing expertise, I highly recommended him”

Andrew Karter Client
Munyaradzi Usayi

Cape Direct Connect Owner

Team working

The Process

SEO Process for each business is tailored to meet the unique needs a business. With Pristine Engineering Solutions we had to start with the basics that is from Keyword Analysis to get a better understanding of the information users are searching for services offered by Pristine Engineering Solutions, from there we mapped out the content creation process.

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Content Writing

  • Link Building

Keyword Research

Our SEO process for Pristine Engineering Solutions began with keyword research and competitor analysis. This gave us a better understanding of what users were searching for and the intent behind the search query.

Competitor Analysis

Using Porter’s Five Forces we were able to uncover insights about how competitive the industry is and how to better position the clients services. This allowed us to come up with an aggressive strategy.

Content Writing

As we adopted an aggressive strategy to get Pristine Engineering Solutions to rank on Google, based on the keywords extracted in the first part of our SEO process, we were able to come up with content topics & ideas.

Link Building

Our link building strategy is one we have tried and tested, it is one that doesn’t go against Google policies. Our focus is mainly on acquiring organic links from relevant sites which have a high Domain Authority

Grow your traffic

Connect with a larger audience to keep your pipeline filled with prospects, and stay in touch with customers.


Increase your sales

Unlock potential online and offline. Experienced year on year growth due to our progressive approach.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Pristine Engineering Solutions has grown by over 10% in the last 9 months since signing up for SEO services in a highly competitive market with a lot of tenured businesses. Over 45X in new leads monthly and it is just the beginning.

Over 1000% new users visiting website

Increasing the number of users coming to the website was just as important as improving user engagement as well. Pristine Engineering Solutions has experienced over 1000x in new users, by improving the user engagement, the bounce rate has been reduced to as low as 14% average for over 6 months now.

Business has grown by 10%

Despite the challenging year we had, Pristine Engineering Solutions has grown by 15% in the past 10 months. This was achieved by generating new leads which had a direct impact on income generated

“Tafadzwa Boriwondo has become my Consigliere, he is my go to person for the growth of my business. My business has grown immensely since I signed up for AbraSim’s SEO Services”

Melissa Dean Client
Vedia Hassan

Lilli Oliver Cakes Founder

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