The Challenge

Search Engine Results Pages are not static, they are ever changing. As mobile search has been increasing, the results one gets vary by the location of the user. Google knows where your users are when they search, and presents them with relevant suggestions based on the location of the user. SEO is ever changing and as such Lilli Oliver Cake Boutique wanted to work with a progressive, forward thinking SEO company


We started off with content analysis, this gave us a greater understanding of where the client stood in comparison with where they want to be. This was followed by in depth keyword research which was followed by refreshing some of the existing content and also formed the template for content creation and then link building


Outdated content was repurposed, pages which were not performing well had the existing content expanded on, similar topics where grouped together and rich, relevant topics for brides to be was created. We covered topics which we knew bridges would search for. This helped us build trust with our target audience, such that without even trying to sell services, the decision to book Lilli Oliver Cakes is easier



Over 1000% increase in the number of users visiting website.


New Leads

Lilli Oliver Cakes has seen an increase of 35X new leads.



The business has grown by 20% since signing up for SEO.

“Sidney has been great and on point. He has a unique mind and I must say one of the most brilliant people I’ve had the honor to meet. My business has grown because of his advice marketing expertise, I highly recommended him”

Andrew Karter Client
Munyaradzi Usayi

Cape Direct Connect Owner

Team working

The Process

SEO Process for each business is tailored to meet the unique needs a business. With Lilli Oliver Cakes we had to start with the basics that is from Keyword Analysis to get a better understanding of the information users are searching for related to wedding cakes and wedding related services. From there we mapped out the content creation process.

  • Content Audit

  • Link Building

  • Content Creation

  • Internal Linking

Content Audit

Started by identifying all the best content on website from a traffic standpoint with reports from Google Analytics & Search Console. Removed unpopular pages and created 301 to home or page with similar content.

Link Building

Reached out to websites which had published similar content and also to site owners who provide wedding services such as caterers,wedding gown designers and the positive response we had has ensured an on going link building process.

Content Writing

Started off with in depth keyword research +25k keywords extracted and after the process only 217 keywords remained, grouped related keywords and published 2 new highly optimized blogs every month for 15 months straight

Internal Linking

Went through entire website adding new internal links and optimizing the existing ones by maintaining about 10 internal links to every post using anchor text that included either target keyword, variation of target keyword or secondary long-tail keyword

Grow your traffic

Connect with a larger audience to keep your pipeline filled with prospects, and stay in touch with customers.


Increase your sales

Unlock potential online and offline. Experienced year on year growth due to our progressive approach.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Lilli Oliver has successfully transitioned to becoming a leading wedding cake maker n Manchester and their brand, Lilli Oliver has become so much more than a wedding cake maker but an experience.

From 5 000 to 25 000 monthly users

We created helpful content for  content to guide the bride to be based on in depth keyword done, this allowed us to build trust and authority. Bya having targeted audience visit the website, this has not only increased the number of website users from 5 000 to 25 000, but also increased the number of customers

“Tafadzwa Boriwondo has become my Consigliere, he is my go to person for the growth of my business. My business has grown immensely since I signed up for AbraSim’s SEO Services”

Melissa Dean Client
Vedia Hassan

Lilli Oliver Cakes Founder

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